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Benefits of Using Disinfectants in My Home

Benefits of Using Disinfectants in My Home


Benefits of Using Disinfectants in My Home

Killing germs and reducing microbial contamination in kitchens and bathrooms is a concern for most conscientious home owners today. To achieve this, most of us resort to using some form of commercially available disinfectant. So what is a disinfectant?

Disinfectants are antimicrobial agents capable of destroying living organisms that exist on most environmental surfaces. When using a disinfectant in the home it’s important to remember that the efficacy – the germ killing potential of the product we are using – can be affected by any number of contributing factors.

Two of the most common include:
Presence of Organic Matter

Organic matter in the form of dirt, soil, and biofilms even innocent soap residue can reduce or neutralize your disinfectant’s germ killing potential. Try cleaning the target surfaces first. Cleaning a surface first with a general purpose cleaner followed by a clean water rinse will remove both visible as well as invisible soils. Free of organic matter, your disinfectant is free to do its job more effectively.

Contact Time

Disinfectants are not generally designed as simple spray and wipe products. To achieve maximum efficiency, most commercially available disinfectants require sufficient contact or dwell time with the targeted surface.

Design your cleaning routine in such a way as to maximize the amount of time your disinfectant will sit on the surface. Remember, try to keep the surface damp for the duration if it’s possible.

Use your disinfectants carefully and help increase their efficiency by following these two simple steps.